Zucchini Lasagna

Here is the recipe for the Zucchini Lasagna I made the other day. It was so delicious that I thought I must share it! In the original recipe, zucchini was cut in long thin pieces, instead of slices (I sliced them length wise with cheese-cutter). I did like sliced zucchini so much that will try to … Continue reading

Registered, interviewed, hired

I’ve got a job!!! http://librariancarina.blogspot.com/2011/08/i-got-job.html Amazing how fast things can suddenly move forward, and how good things follow one and other, and how everything happens at the same time. I had my first interview yesterday, which went well, but this job would have been my second choice of the two I recently applied for. I … Continue reading

Browsing, looking and waiting

I have been browsing job opportunities, since my graduation, 22nd of July, but started looking for work actively, after my last exhibition, which was in the end of August. Two weeks is not long time if you are on a holiday, but when you are looking for a job it feels more like two months! I have been … Continue reading

It’s my birthday today!

I usually don’t like to fuss about my birthday, but I have to admit that it’s lovely when people do remember my day! I had got few presents (from my family and Tobias’ family) already before hand, but Tobias hid them and gave them to me just this morning. I felt really special sitting there on the bed 6 in the morning opening presents. I got this … Continue reading

Avoiding the Sunday feeling

Today we decided to do some repairing works at home, as my mother-in -law-to -be is coming for a visit with her husband next weekend. We moved in recently (read 2.5 months!) and have still ‘few’ things to be fixed. The previous tenant had scattered shelves around the flat and as we removed them we realised … Continue reading

Appreciating things

To be honest today was not such a great success than yesterday. Old me would say that it was rather boring day, but to follow my goal I have tried to think what was good in my day today and I have to say that this appreciating things is making my days already better! I had … Continue reading

Today was a really good day!

Today my plan was to enjoy some Surya Namaskar: Astanga Sun Salutation, to get started with the day. For some time now I have been longing for something more, but as it is long time since I practiced yoga, I’ve been just adding some basic muscle training to my morning routine.

This morning as I was ready to start I remembered that my lovely sister provided me with some links to online yoga training. I did try Yoga Today’s half an hour session from You Tube and I have to say that it made my day! I was not able to follow the practice perfectly, but I was surprised how well I did. Afterwards I could already feel my poster changing. I will be surely doing this again!

Second good thing today was that I baked oat cobs. I made some extra oat porridge in the morning and baked it to delicious cobs.

Third good thing was that I made zucchini lasagna, that I have been planning on making for weeks now. It was amazingly good and since we were just two eating it there is still half left in the freezer for one night next week.

Fourth good thing today was that, before putting the lasagna in the oven, I went for a run/walk/run to meet my fiance, who was running home from work.

Fifth good thing would be taking a candle bath with glass of bubbly.

Today was a very good day!