Avoiding the Sunday feeling

Today we decided to do some repairing works at home, as my mother-in -law-to -be is coming for a visit with her husband next weekend. We moved in recently (read 2.5 months!) and have still ‘few’ things to be fixed.

The previous tenant had scattered shelves around the flat and as we removed them we realised that they had painted the walls just around the shelves. So, today we filled the holes, painted the walls and it’s all smooth and white (and boring?) now.

The best thing today was a phone call I received from my friend in Finland. It was lovely to hear her voice, although it made me miss her even more!

It seems like we are living times of change. My friend is pregnant with her second child and they already live in their second own home. I have just graduated and looking for my first professional job. Tobias proposed me and we are starting to plan our wedding. Weddings, babies, new homes etc. in the air. It is lovely, but also terrifying. I have been able to avoid ‘adult’ life so far, but now it seems that I’ve been sucked in as well, and there is no turning back… Good bye happy-go-lucky days!


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