It’s my birthday today!

I usually don’t like to fuss about my birthday, but I have to admit that it’s lovely when people do remember my day! I had got few presents (from my family and Tobias’ family) already before hand, but Tobias hid them and gave them to me just this morning. I felt really special sitting there on the bed 6 in the morning opening presents. I got this lovely autumn/winter dress from my love.

My present to myself was an early morning run followed up with Yoga Today: Primary Series Express! It was a windy morning, but light rain and fresh air made it really easy to breathe. After shower I made oat porridge with soy, banana and purging thorn.

Afternoon was not as healthy though. I got three sheets of chocolate for my birthday and I did ‘taste’ each one of them! I usually prefer dark chocolate, but Fazer ‘blue’, milk chocolate from Finland is delicious!

I also go milk chocolate with hazelnuts and raisin, and white chocolate with candied orange and pumpkin seeds from Germany! Sweet!

My love just arrived, sparkling wine is cooling in the freezer and there is plenty of chocolate left…

I had a great birthday, so far!


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